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Use our range of Flysense Vape Detectors to instantly detect when students are vaping or when incidentss of bullying are occuring. 
2,000+ Flysense Vape Detection devices installed in Australia 
650+ Australian schools monitored with Flysense Vape Detectors  

700+ schools and businesses monitored

Vape Detection in schools
Vape detection for schools

What’s included in the solution?

24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard

Customizable dashboard views

Customizable alerts and notifications

Customizable Public Dashboard for public spaces

Shareable air quality reports for chosen time period

Real-time and historical air quality data across all buildings

Single platform to manage air quality across multiple buildings

Floor plan overview

Get insights and tips based on your air quality

Visual indication on device when CO2 levels get too high

Easily add new devices to current solution

Space Hub connects using cellular

Easy API setup

Access to integrations

Dedicated Airthings for Business support team

Frequent new features delivered automatically

Why care about your students Vaping in schools?

50% of schools in the US have been diagnosed with poor indoor air quality.1 Poor indoor air quality can decrease alertness, productivity and test scores, as well as increase sick leave for both students and teachers. Studies show that classroom CO2 levels of 2500 ppm had much worse test scores than at 1000 ppm.2

Key Highlights and Advantages

Flysense dashboard

Powerful Flysense  dashboard

Dashboard on laptop

View and use your real-time and historical air quality data to manage all of your buildings in one place and identify any hotspots for vaping of acts of bullying. Set up alerts, generate reports and get tips based on your current schools behaviour.

cloud connected network

Open API and integrations

Seamlessly integrate the alerts dashboardngs into your schools Video management system to get even more control over incidence at your school.

scalable solution

Scalable solution

With our forever scalable system you can continue to add more units to cover new area or addtional site with you education group. It can be easily customised to fit your unique spaces.

simple installation

Simple installation

Our Flysense Vape Detection system is quick to install making them perfect for any school bathroom or changeroom. Within minutes of installation, you’ll see Vaping related data in your dashboard.

save time with Vape Detection

Save time and money

With our AI trend analysis you can now be notified of vaping occurances before they hapen. If the dashboards recognises a trend in behaviour it will alert school admoinistrator that they should deploy staff in that vacinity. 

vape detection care for students

Show that you care

Ensure occupant confidence with a Public Dashboard display or QR codes so occupants can check the air quality themselves.

on the go access to dashboard

Vape Detection systems should be installed wherever an area has been designated as Smoke or Cigarette Free. Be it in an school airport setting, mine site accommodation, a hospital, an office, or a fast-food restaurant staff area – the list of locations where this innovative technology can be applied is limitless.


The Soter Technologies Flysense, provided by Vape Detection Australia, is an innovative, real-time, vaping, and elevated sound incident detection solution, suitable for all schools - both Private and Public.


This smart alert system provides educators and administrators visibility to student areas, where cameras and microphones are not permitted, whilst also protecting their privacy.


The Flysense Vape solution is comprised of a cloud-based communications and incident management web portal, and multi sensor device capable of detecting nicotine-Vape, THC Vape, smoking and even noise disturbances that may suggest violence, or bullying at your school.

When a sensor detects vaping signatures or loud spikes in ambient decibel levels, a zero delay, location-specific alert notification is sent by text message or email to designated responders, so offenders, can be caught in the act.


Customisable incident reports keep school leadership informed of active vaping activity and provides information on locations to target, to reduce antisocial behaviour at the school.

Take control and Clear the air at your site with the Flysense Vape Detection system provided by Vape Detection Australia.

Talk to our Solutions team today.

Looking for detectors for your school?
We offer a 5% discount for orders of 10units or more. 

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