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Airthings for Business:

Simple to install Indoor Air Quality, wireless devices

Effortless installation: It takes seconds to install and connect a device to the Space Hub with the Airthings mobile app, meaning IAQ and IEQ data can be accessed instantly.

Wireless devices: Devices can be placed anywhere, independent of power supply, thereby avoiding costs and time associated with installing and connecting cabling

Seamless connectivity: Devices do not need WiFi. The Space Hub brings all the Airthings for Business devices online with a cellular connection to the cloud (eSIM included) or via Ethernet.

Airthings indoor air monitors
Airthings for business

Airthings for Business:

Leading edge IAQ wireless devices

Extensive battery life: The solution offers low maintenance costs, with some devices reaching up to 20 years of battery life.

Comprehensive multi-sensors: Monitor for various data points, including PM1,  PM2.5, CO2, VOC, Humidity, Temperature, Light, Noise, Pressure, and Radon, with virtual sensors for Occupancy, Mold Risk, Ventilation Rate and Virus Risk.

Easily scalable: Easy to scale and expand IAQ monitoring across a building portfolio. Connect new sensors to the Space Hub and start monitoring all of your building’s spaces. 

Key air quality monitoring factors

How can poor indoor air quality affect us?

Effects of poor air quality

Instant, actionable insights: 

Real-time and historical data. Get remote access to your indoor environment and air quality data with a global view of your building portfolio. Add a floor plan and map Airthings devices to this for a complete overview.

Actionable insights and trends. Surpass mere measurements - unlock air quality, energy, and space utilization insights, and track trends over time. Use virtual sensors to detect the risk of mold developmentand virus transmission.

Accessible reports. Easily create, download and then share reports.

Holistic solution: Airthings for Business offers a complete solution for monitoring your building portfolio.

Timely alerts. Get notified when indoor air or environment quality decreases and take action before problems arise.

Airthings for facilities manangment

A scalable air quality monitoring solution for any space

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