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Why Choose Flysense?

Australian-based Security Provider

Vape Detection Australia is a market leading provider of Vape Detection sensors to Australian schools and corporate clients. Our company is based in most capital cities throughout Australia and our local support teams are able to visit your school to assess the amount of units you require.  We provide live video demonstrations of the Flysense Vape Detector so you can see for yourself the ease and efficacy of the system in detecting and reducing the use of vape in your school. 


Vape Detection Australia is part of the Australian-owned Western Advance Group who are an established electronic security solution provider with more than 25 years of experience in building and personal safety systems.

U.S. patents, design and production

Using advanced sensor and software technology, Soter Technologies develops and delivers innovative solutions for environmental and social intelligence – to make the world a safer place. Soter Technologies works with Western Advance in Australia to deliver its Flysense Vape Detection technology. 

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