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Workplaces and organisations

Use our range of Flysense Environmental Sensors and Vape Detectors to instantly detect when employees or customers are vaping or when incidence of unwanted behavior is occuring. 

2,000+ Flysense Vape Detection devices installed in Australia 

650+ Australian schools monitored with Flysense Vape Detectors  

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Vape Detection for business, public spaces and commercial organisations

In commercial and public spaces, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is essential for the well-being of customers, employees, and visitors. Installing vape detectors in businesses, shopping centers, and public facilities helps ensure compliance with no-smoking policies and enhances air quality by promptly detecting vaping activities. Vape detectors provide real-time alerts when vaping occurs, allowing management to take immediate action to prevent the spread of potentially harmful substances in the air. This proactive measure helps in maintaining a welcoming atmosphere, free from the odors and residues associated with vaping, which can detract from the overall experience of visitors and patrons.

For businesses and shopping centers, vape detectors are a vital tool for preserving the integrity of the establishment and protecting property assets. Vapor can cause damage to surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and electronics, leading to costly maintenance and repairs. By installing vape detectors, businesses can minimize these risks and ensure that the physical environment remains pristine and appealing. Moreover, enforcing a strict no-vaping policy through the use of detection systems can enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty, as patrons are more likely to frequent establishments that prioritize a healthy and clean atmosphere. This not only boosts the establishment's reputation but also potentially increases foot traffic and sales by providing a more enjoyable environment.

Public facilities such as libraries, airports, and government buildings benefit significantly from the installation of vape detectors by upholding safety standards and regulatory compliance. Vaping in public spaces can pose fire hazards, especially in areas where electrical and electronic equipment is prevalent. Early detection of vaping activities helps in preventing potential fire incidents, ensuring the safety of all occupants. Additionally, vape detectors aid in the enforcement of public health regulations that prohibit smoking and vaping in certain areas, thereby reducing the risk of legal liabilities and fines. By integrating vape detection technology, public facilities demonstrate a commitment to maintaining a safe, health-conscious space for the community, fostering a positive image and enhancing public trust.

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What’s included in the solution?

24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard

Instant alerting via sms and email.

Customizable alerts and notifications

Advanced sensors for Loud Noise, Vape Detection

Easy installation via POE connectivity and power

Single platform to manage air quality across multiple buildings

API and webhook connection for major VMS systems

Real-time and historical data on demand

Easily add new devices to current solution

5 year Hardware warranty

2 year Software license included with the FS300 or NM100 Units 

Additional 3 year Software license extension availble for long term piece of mind 

Australian Data Soverienty on request

Frequent software updates delivered automatically

Key Highlights and Advantages

Dashboard on laptop
Flysense dashboard

Powerful Flysense  dashboard

View and use your real-time and historical air quality data to manage all of your buildings in one place and identify any hotspots for vaping of acts of bullying. Set up alerts, generate reports and get tips based on your current schools behaviour.

cloud connected network

Open API and integrations

Seamlessly integrate the alerts dashboardngs into your schools Video management system to get even more control over incidence at your school.

scalable solution

Scalable solution

With our forever scalable system you can continue to add more units to cover new area or addtional sites within your education group. It can be easily customised to fit your unique spaces.

simple installation

Simple installation

Our Flysense Vape Detection system is quick to install making them perfect for any school bathroom or changeroom. Within minutes of installation, you’ll see Vaping related data in your dashboard.

save time with Vape Detection

Save time and money

With our AI trend analysis you can now be notified of vaping occurances before they hapen. If the dashboards recognises a trend in behaviour it will alert school admoinistrator that they should deploy staff in that vacinity. 

vape detection care for students

Show that you care

By installing Vape Detection sysytem you are taking a proactive approach to the care and well being or those under your care. 

on the go access to dashboard
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