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Introducing the new NM100 
  Environmental Sensor

Our advanced sensors and algorithms empower safety and awareness by precisely detecting the quality of air in indoor environments

Environmental Sensor nm100

Your Ultimate Environmental Sensor Solution

The device utilizes cutting-edge sensor technology to measure various air parameters, providing real-time data and insights to help you maintain a healthier and more comfortable environment.

Our new NM100 real-time environmental sensor, designed  to monitor and assess the quality of the air in indoor environments.  

With rigorous research and customer feedback, we have enhanced the NM100 with 7 sensors as well as providing access to our new portal. Leveraging advanced technologies and data analysis, NM100 offers invaluable insight, now with AI capabilities, to help you effectively monitor your environment.

Get to know the Soter NM100 Environmental Sensor

Install in minutes and connect wirelessly

Comprehensive multi-sensors: Instant alerting for various data points, including TVOC, Triple Gas Sensor, Humidity, Temperature, Light, Loud Noise and also inbuilt Vape Detection

TVOC sensor
Flysense Dashboard

Make well-informed decisions

Access all the valuable insights necessary for efficient facility management, school or workplace well-being via the Soter dashboard.

Features of nm100 environmental sensor

What’s included in the solution?

24/7 remote access to customizable dashboard

Instant alerting via sms and email.

Advanced sensors for TVOC, Triple Gas Sensor, Humidity, Temperature, Light, Loud Noise and also inbuilt Vape Detection

Audible Proximity sensor to deter vandalisim

Customizable alerts and notifications

Easy installation via POE connectivity and power

Real-time and historical data on demand

Single platform to manage environmental conditions and air quality across multiple buildings

Australian Data Soverienty on request

5 year Hardware warranty

2 year Software license included with unit 

Additional 3 year Software license extension available for long term piece of mind 

Now Equipped with Artificial Intelligence

Screenshot 2024-06-04 183230.png
AI forcasting

AI Forecasting

Utilising historical data to assist administration in determining when they should be monitoring spaces (i.e. bathrooms or locker rooms) to help diminish the use of vapes, and at which locations.

For example, if an alert is predicted for Wednesday at 4 pm in the girls upstairs bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a staff member monitoring that bathroom at that forecasted time.

Enhanced Cloud Based Portal

We introduce EoT Live, our new re-developed portal. It enhances the user experience and functionalities that allow for multiple access levels to view desired information, enhances reporting features, subscription options, ease of adding devices, and the ability to add subsites, to name a few.

Cloud based portal
access anywhere portal

Seamless access to dashboard information on the go.  

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