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Vape Detection for Business and Corporate Environments

Vape Detection systems should be installed wherever an area has been designated as Smoke or Cigarette Free. Be it in an airport setting, mine site accommodation, a hospital, an office, or a fast-food restaurant staff area – the list of locations where this innovative technology can be applied is limitless.

The Soter Technologies Flysense, provided by Vape Detection Australia is an innovative, real-time, vaping, and elevated sound incident detection solution, suitable for all workspaces and corporate environments.

This smart alert system provides security teams and management visibility to staff and customer areas, where cameras and microphones are not permitted, whilst also protecting their privacy.

Our corporate clients have battled for years to improve the health of their workforce by making workplaces cigarette free, only to now find staff vaping, in the bathrooms on their breaks.

The Flysense Vape solution is comprised of a cloud-based communications and incident management web portal, and multi sensor device network capable of detecting nicotine-Vape, THC Vape, smoking and even noise disturbances that may suggest violence, or unruly customers causing damage to your property.

When a sensor detects vaping signatures or loud spikes in ambient decibel levels, a zero delay, location-specific alert notification is sent by text message or email to site security teams or designated office responders, so offenders, can be caught in the act.

Customizable incident reports keep administrators informed of active vaping activity and informed of locations to target, to reduce antisocial behaviour at their sites.

Take control and Clear the air at your site with the Flysense Vape Detection system provided by Vape Detection Australia.

Talk to our Corporate Solutions team today.

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