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Australia's newest Vape Detector 

Get your FS300 Vape Detectors today and see the difference it makes 

Wireless connectivity -
Flysense Vape detection and alert system for schools & workplaces

Detect antisocial behaviour, including vaping and bullying, while protecting privacy in bathrooms and locker rooms where cameras and microphones are not allowed.

Why Flysense

Why Flysense?

Deployed worldwide

Over 40,000 FlySense units deployed in K-12 schools in Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada and 18 other countries.

4G Network Connected Vape Detector FS286C

Our FS286C - Cellular Vape Detector takes connectivity to a whole new level for customers with restrictive networks. 4G ESIM straight out of the box

8 US Patents Awarded

US patents awarded for Vape and Bullying Detection Technology.

Free Information Sessions:

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