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Soter FlySense FS300 Vape Detector Unit:                                              

- Enhanced Vaping Detection for VAPE, Nicotine VAPE, THC VAPE and cigarette smoke                           

- Anti Bullying/Loud Sound Detection System – alerts when students are breaking school property or making overtly loud noises.

- Anti Tampering Alarm

- 2 years Software Licence included in the unit price

- Connects with Flysense Intuitive Dashboard for zero delay,  location specific alerts via SMS and email

- Connectivity and Power via Hardwired POE Cat-6 Ethernet cable

- Made in USA with hardened ABS plastic housing

- 5 year hardware warranty


- Our Vape Detectors do not have microphones or cameras so are approved to work in bathrooms


Software Licence and Dashboard Access. The intuitive dashboard is the control centre for the system. 2 year software licence comes standard with you unit so your system is ready to go from day one. The fully customizable Flysense dashboard allows for real-time sensor data reporting features, analytics, and trend data reports.  

Unit Pricing: Standard single unit pricing for the Soter Flysense FS300 is AUD$1,199 ex GST.  

FS300 Vape Detector - POE Hardwired Only

$1,424.00 Regular Price
$1,352.80Sale Price
Excluding GST
  • Schools will generally budget on one Vape Detector per bathroom in the senior school then add a second or third unit depending on how large the area is.

    A guideline of 1 sensor for every 4 cubicles is standard. You would put 2 sensors in a bathroom that has 4 cubicles and a large washing basin area.

    The sensor accommodates a 3.6m X 3.6m (12m2) area with a 2.4m to 3.6m ceiling and sensitivity level can be matched accordingly.

    We increase the sensitivity for a higher ceiling and decrease the sensitivity for a lower ceiling height.

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